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Is therapy covered by my benefits?

Many extended health care benefits cover therapeutic services provided by a registered professional. We can direct bill to Blue Cross and Greenshield. 

Are you LGBTQ friendly?

Yes, of course! All people must feel happy, loved, attached, and valued, regardless of gender or sexual preference. We value all people regardless of differences.


This includes differences in race, sexual identity, gender, ethnicity, culture, or any other factor. If you feel there are areas that make you and your struggle unique, we encourage you to contact us and discuss these concerns first to ensure you feel understood and comfortable.

How much does therapy cost?

We charge $220/hour of therapy - remember, we can directly bill your insurance company.

Sessions can range from 50 minutes for a regular session to 2 hours, depending on the services needed.

Are appointments in person or online?

Tina can see individuals, families, couples, and children

  • In-person in Calgary at 840-700 4 AVE SW Calgary, AB  

  • Virtually all over Alberta

Patience can see clients in Alberta, virtually.

What assessments do you do?

PsychoEducation Assessments: 

PsychoEducational assessments/Educational Psychological (aka PsychEd or Ed Psych) Assessments help us to identify areas of strengths and weakness for a person in their learning. These assessments help us to answer questions about academic, emotional, cognitive, social, and behavioural functioning.

 Children, teens, and adults can benefit from these assessments, and they are often used to help post-secondary students determine accommodations and recommendations for funded learning supports.

ADHD Assessments: 

With our Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Assessments, we provide thorough, comprehensive ADHD assessments for children, teens, and adults.  ADHD Assessments assist us in providing you with personalized and specific recommendations/strategies to promote your self-efficacy, agency, and confidence to manage with ADHD at home, at work, and at school (as applicable).

Autism Assessments: 

One of our main tools of Assessment for Autism is the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule-Second Edition (ADOS-2) is a standardized assessment tool that helps providers diagnose Autism in children and adults. The ADOS-2 involves a semi-structured play or interview session determined by the age and communication level of the individual.

Our Autism assessments include additional standardized, evidence-based tools of observation and measurement to provide a comprehensive assessment.

School Admissions/ Giftedness Assessments:

Giftedness refers to an intellectual ability (FSIQ) or General Ability Index (GAI) in the range of 130 (+/-5). This testing is utilized when determining whether a student would be accepted into ‘Gifted’ educational programs and/or Charter Schools like Westmount Charter School.

Please be sure to check your academic program requirements to determine which assessments are required (e.g. Giftedness and/or only Standardized IQ tests). Depending on your academic institution’s requirements, we will be able to determine which Assessment measures will be used.

Social-Emotional/Behavioural Assessments

A social-emotional assessment evaluates social, emotional, and behavioural functioning to determine whether any psychological diagnoses, such as anxiety or depression, are present. It is intended for children, adolescents, or adults experiencing emotional or behavioural difficulty who are seeking a mental health diagnosis (e.g. mood and anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive symptoms, trauma symptoms, etc.).

How can I access therapy?

Therapeutic services can be accessed as an individual (child, teen, and adult), couple or as a family. Therapy can be accessed in person or virtually (Video or telephone). 

You can book an appointment using the button below.

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